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July Day Camp   10 - 4   July 14 through 18th  $225

June camp is full


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                                 Lessons are a 2 hour time frame.  Sometimes longer or shorter depending upon the student
                     and how they are progressing.  Lessons start with brushing and tacking up the horse, we then                
                     proceed to the arena for the ground and then riding portion of the lesson.  After the lesson students 
                     cool down their horses, remove the tack and return the horse to their stall.  The students then put away
                     the equipment they used, clean and return brushes and discuss the lesson with Deb.
                                             Private  - $45  
                                             Semi - Private - $40 each
                                             Group - 3 or more riders - $35
                         A Day at the Stable, a one time experience for new students  10 - 3  $45
(Come stay with us for an entire day. Play, Work, Ride and Learn.
                                        Experience the fun and joy of horses.)

Children or adults needing extra help/care $50 per lesson.

Under 8 - lead line only - 1/2 hour ride time - $25
Summer Camps
                           Tuesday through Saturday  $225
           June 23-27(Full)   July 14 - 18
10 - 4  except Saturday which is 10 - 12 followed by a BBQ
                                    Riding, Brushing, Games on horseback, Fun and Learning 
                                    Each rider is assigned a horse of their own, though they will 
                                    ride several of them.  The students help guide the week of fun
                                    by helping to chose activities.  Trail Riding is a must!!
                                    Students should bring a lunch, snack, fly spray and extra drinks
                                    each day, along with their own riding helmet if they have one.  The
                                             stable has a few helmets which children can borrow for the week.  On
                                             Saturday the riders will demonstrate what they have learned and then
                                             everyone is welcome to the BBQ.  
                       There are a limited number of horses available for a in-barn lease.  
                                             Leasing is priced according the the number of rides per week a rider
                                             is interested in.    Leases can be for a year or 6 months.  Each time a horse
                                             is ridden it counts toward the lease.

                                             Leasors must demonstrate their ability to ride and to be safe with horses and agree
                                             to follow the rules of the Stable.  Scheduling is important as the horses will                                                              be used for lessons and camps also.  Showing is not part of the lease.  
                         Year Long Lease : 
                                              52 Rides   (one a week) $125 per month
                                              104 Rides (two per week)  $250 per month 
                                                  (Note: For a year long lease, the rider may use extra rides during the summer to 
                                                             prepare for times missed over the winter.)
                          6 Month Lease 
                                                26 Rides (or one per week) $140 per month
                                                52 Rides (or two per week)  $280 per month

What Can I/My Child expect at lessons?
You will be taught in a relaxed and respectful manner.  
If you are not "getting" the instruction, I will find other ways of explaining the task at hand.
Time to develop skills is essential so each lesson has a "free" ride time, which I supervise from a safety standpoint, but allow riders to make their own choices of  direction and game playing on horseback.
How quickly will I/My Child progress?
Each rider is different.  I will focus on helping you gain balance first.  We will then work together to decide what direction you wish to focus on, trails, western, english, games or other horse riding skills.  To set a time limit on acquiring skills puts undo pressure upon the rider and often results in a slowing of progress.
I am just starting again in  horses after riding as a child.  What differences will there be?
As a child, we have no fear, we bounce well and heal quickly.  As adults, we have responsibilities for ourselves, our jobs and our families which create a type of fear which is directly related to our awareness of our responsibilities.  We are more aware that there is a danger associated with riding and working with horses.  I will consider those thoughts and feelings during adult lessons, along with our changing bodies, to allow you to feel safe and comfortable.  There are ways to do riding which will not stress joints, backs and muscles and I will provide that information to you.  Safety will be first, along with fun and relaxation.
Do I have to commit for a number of lessons?
Yes, you do.  I have a series of lesson plans which I start everyone with.  That takes about 4 lessons to complete and after that we customize your program. If a rider starts and then takes time off for awhile, I will start again with the basics and although it should not take as much time, I will insist on the review.  I will not ask you to commit to 10 weeks, or whatever, but I do ask that you come at least 5 weeks in a row for the basics to be covered and "muscle memory" to occur.
When is payment expected?
Payment is made prior to beginning the lesson. At the first lesson, two payments are made and then a single payment at each following lessons.  When you book your day and time, it is yours to pay for.  If a lesson is missed the extra first payment will be applied to that time and at the next lesson a double payment is required again.  
This is not a policy I like, but too often I have had riders book a time and day and then not show or call.  I spend time preparing lessons and having horses on the ready and I hope all can understand this policy 
 Payment for leasing starts with the first and last month being paid at the beginning and then monthly payments till the end of the lease. 





KD Stable

202 Thomas Hill
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