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Summer Camp Date...June 23 - 28  and   August 4-9  
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Lessons may include:
  • ground lessons   -  learning how to handle a horse on the ground, leading, cleaning hooves, round pen training
  • safety - always a main concern - how to keep yourself and  your horse safe, learning to observe areas for safety concerns.
  • grooming - what brushes to use and how to use them.  tying a horse safely. how to handle minor wounds or scrapes
  • tack fit - finding the right saddle for you and your horses comfort. 
  • riding skills -= creating a balanced rider and muscle memory...muscle memory is how we ride without having to think about each move we make, it is learning it well enough that our body "remembers" how to do it without our conscious brain taking charge
  • trail sessions - the best way to learn.. using skills learned out on trails...new riders are first taken out with a walker beside them for encouragement and safety.  The trails are part of the 52 acres owned by KD Stable, groomed and well maintained.  Young riders remain on the KD Stable trails.  Adult riders and teen riders will be taken on trail rides off property once they demonstrate the skills needed to remain safe and in control.  During these rides,I , Deb, ride with you as guide an instructor, calling out encouragement and direction as needed.  

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The outside of a horse is good for the inside of a man

Notes about lessons
Payment is due upon arrival. The first session a double
payment is required. 
A minimum of 5 lessons is a suggested. The last session is
paid for at the first session.  Once you set a day and time, it is
yours to pay for. Why 5?  That is the amount of time it takes to be certain
the basics are covered and "muscle memory" is being used.  If 
those lessons are interrupted, we often have to start over again.
Come prepared and arrive early to arrange tack, groom horse
and saddle up.  Lessons are not canceled for weather unless the heat index is
dangerous for horses and children.

Exceptions for the 5 lesson minimum are those children/riders visiting the area for a short time and wishing to have a shorter flexible schedule.  The lessons are different for seasonal riders due to the short period of time they are here.

Lessons will take place in the arena and eventually include trail
riding as skills progress.  It is hoped that within a few weeks
every lesson will start with a trail ride, then arena work, individual
lessons on a lunge line and end with 15 minutes of free riding
time in the arena.
Riders 8 and under shall have a parent or guardian stay on the
grounds.  The parent/guardian will learn to do grooming and saddling.
  The ride time will be reduced according to the ability and attention
span of the rider.  Riders 8and under will have either private or semi-private lessons only.
Riders under 8 will have lead line lessons only. They will ride for
1/2 hour at most.  Private lessons only unless parent/guardian
is able and willing to be the lead line handler and attends a
class on doing so.

KD Stable

202 Thomas Hill
Lee, Maine 04455