KD Stable
202 Thomas Hill
Lee, Maine 04455

Ride with Pride

Celebrating 15 Years in

Operation Accident Free


        Only 15 minutes from Downtown Lincoln
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The Facilities
Currently the barn is 130 by 36 feet with 17 box stalls, grain room,
and extra large tack room and now a Lounge Area!! 
The outdoor arena is 80X120 and features Lights on the Posts to let us ride at Night.

ATV and Snowmobile trails access starts from KD Stable's back yard and the rides can be as short or long as the riders like.  Ride to lakes,
through the woods, over bridges and gravel roads.  The ATV riders in this area are some of the best in the state. Polite and respectful
of horses.
There is a round pen available for training, short term turnout.
Quarantine is available in a separate fenced turn out.  Horses new to KD Stable will be in quarantine for 30 days prior to being
introduced to a herd situation.
With five pasture available at KD Stable, horse turnout is easy to arrange for small groups.
Fencing for four of the pastures is two wire electric.  The fifth is high tensile wire with 5 strands.  During the summer of
2013, we will be updating all fencing to the high tensile.  
My Philosophy and Experience
Horses, Riders, Parents and Staff need to be treated with respect and loving care. 
 Horses and People should be trained and treated with patience, kindness and an understanding of the learning process. 
Just as people do not all learn at the same rate or in the same way, horse also can differ. 
Each horse needs to be handled consistently by every person. So the riders at KD Stable undergo a learning process to understand
how their behavior and activities while near horses affect the horses.
Some of the horses used at KD Stable were taken from less than ideal situations and rehabilitated.  They each may have behaviors 
that take some understanding to deal with. A horse which was starved and beaten into submission during meal times, may pin their
ears and act angry at feed time. This is only the horse protecting themselves. Each person working with such a horse will be taught
how to handle the situation to assure the horse they are safe.
Riders at KD Stable all start from the ground up.  Learning the basics of horse care is important to knowing how to handle horses in
different situations.  Learning to groom, lead, clean hooves and deal with minor injuries are all basic knowledge. How to care for equipment,
fit equipment to a horse and rider, know when things are right or not are all important for being a Horseman of quality.
I have ridden since the age of 12 and therefore have spent most of my life with horses.  I started at a lesson barn and am thankful that 
my parents saw the need for such a start.  I also like to have fun while riding.  Trail riding is a wonderful way to truly learn about horses and 
how to handle them in various situations. I do not take students to shows. 
Lessons should leave a child or adult feeling more confident in their ability and a smile on their face.  The horses should be more relaxed and ready for more!  No  one should want the lesson to end.



KD Stable

202 Thomas Hill
Lee, Maine 04455